The Must Have Item Checklist for Every Kitchen (Part 2)

Making Sure Your Kitchen Has All It Needs

kitchenWe all know that your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, if not your world. It’s where nearly all people receive¬†most of their sustenance and nutrition. So you’re going to want to make sure that your kitchen has all it needs to put together at least the basics when it comes to food.

In Part 1 of the “Must Have Item Checklist for Every Kitchen”, we focused on what every kitchen needs to perform basic preperation for any meal. In this article, we moved on to the next stage by focusing on the actual cooking stage. This is where you’re going to take the ingredients that you’ve already prepared, and will cook, bake, broil and fry the food to create your next delicious meal.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the basic items you need. We’ve also added what to look for when buying each of these basic kitchenware items needed for cooking.

The Cooking Stage


potMost cooking is done in pots, so you’re going to need a few good quality pots to ensure it goes smoothly. While most pots are made from stainless steel, go with at least the medium range in price. Make sure to purchase a large pot for soups or boiled chicken, a medium size pot for rice and pasta, and a small pot for sauces. Usually the better quality the pot, the less food gets stuck to the bottom, which means easier cleanup for you.

Frying Pans

panThough pots may be used for main courses more often than pans, there’s no shortage of different types of foods that can be fried. Remember that one of the reasons why fried food is so common, is because the oil or butter which coats the food locks in the moisture and taste so well. That’s why people will fry just about anything, from vegetables and eggs, to chicken, meat and dough.

While Teflon has become incredibly popular, some still have the concern that it absorbs into the food and cause health issues. Unless you’re buying a very cheap pan, where the Teflon is likely to wear off, you won’t encounter this problem. If you spend over $15, you should be fine. Alternatively, a good stainless steel frying pan does a great job with a thin layer of vegetable oil, cooking spray or butter.


bakewareGood quality bakeware is what you need for any number of tasks, and therefore come in several materials including glass and metal. Metal bake pans are used to bake or broil chickens and meats, whereas glass ones are made to contain souffles or vegetables. Get durable bakeware, which will also clean well in the dishwasher.


tongsArguably the most versatile cooking tool, a good set of tongs will help you move and control any item that’s cooking or being fried. They’ll easily move a stir fry around a pan, and will delicately pick up a roast beef in the oven when checking if it’s done. Ensure they have a good grip for your hand, as it’ll make the maneuvering much easier. As tongs can get really messy, look for silicone tipped tongs for easier cleanup.


colanderIdeal for straining everything, including pasta, vegetables and even fried foods. Fine metal colanders, will do as good a job as regular ones, with the benefit of losing less food to the sink and drain. Look for colanders that come with an attached set of legs. They’ll prop it up and avoid your pasta or other foods from sitting in the puddle of hot water at the bottom of the sink.


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