The Must Have Item Checklist for Every Kitchen (Part 1)

Making Sure Your Kitchen Has All It Needs

kitchenWhether you’re stocking your first kitchen, or filling in some gaps after a move, there’s always that core list of kitchen items that everyone needs. We’ve put together a quick list of basic items that any kitchen needs.

Some of the items are needed even if you’re only doing the most minimal of food prep, whereas other items are ones that are more suited to the aspiring chef. Either way, you can feel confident that your kitchen is a functional one if you have the following list of kitchen items.

Basic Prep

basic-prepThe first aspect we have to look at is the prep stage. This is where any beginner cook or experienced chef is going to be getting the raw ingredients out on the table, and making them ready to cook, fry, bake etc. Let’s take a look at some basic prep items that every kitchen needs, and what to look for when buying that particular item.

1) Cutting Board

cutting-board-2Let’s start with the basics. If you want to do any cutting, you’re going to want to make sure that they’re being cut on a good quality cutting board. Remember, it’s not only about simple fruits and vegetables. A good cutting board helps with the preparation of meats, poultry and fish, not to mention finely sliced herbs, which can get everywhere off of a board. Though plastic is the most common material for cutting boards, it may be wise to look into wooden boards. Though they may be a bit more pricey than plastic, being more hygienic, lasting longer, and softer on your knives, wood is the way to go.

2) Knife

knife-2As important as the cutting board upon which you’ll be cutting, is the knife with which you’ll be doing the cutting. You want to make sure the knife is not only good quality, but one that’s easy to grip and sharpens well. A good knife can take significant amounts of potential frustration and time out of your occasionally tedious food prep. Make sure you have one or two good 6-8 inch knives handy in your kitchen at all times.

3) Peeler

peelerIf you’re one of those types who like to start from scratch, a great peeler is key for a smooth and efficient food prep. Good grip and sharp blades are important to get your vegetables and fruit peeled quickly.

4) Food Processor

food-processorThis is one of those tools that took the kitchen by storm in the 1970’s. It cut (literally!) food prep time into a fraction of what it used to take. Which is why there’s basically no excuse any kitchen should lack one. Though food processors come in huge array of sizes, don’t buy one that’s too small. It may get annoying dumping the contents out several times during prep, when once will do the job. Luckily, upgrading to a bigger size, rarely affects the wallet much.

5) Measuring Spoons and Cups

measuring-cupDefinitely a must for every kitchen, measuring tools are needed for nearly all recipes. The ones with longer handles make it easier to get into those big, nearly empty jars. The more sizes of spoons or cups that come in the set, the better. It not only allows you to access more recipes, but it makes it that much easier to halve or double recipes as well.


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