Simplified Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

Precise and Even Cooking Without the Fuss. Anyone can cook foods as diverse as Filet Mignon and Creme Brulee!

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is simplicity

Cooking is complicated enough. Your tools shouldn’t be. Simply plug in. No Wi-Fi? No problem. Banish
the batteries and Bluetooth blues. Technologically perfect without the need for technology.

Perfection in any pot

There’s a reason top chefs choose the sous vide method: it’s easy,predictable, and takes the confusion

out of cooking. The circulator fits most pan sizes and clips firmly to the pot. Just place it in a water-filled pan

and clip your bagged food inside. Set the tempand cooking time and relax.

Power & Performance Specs

  • Circulate eight (8) liters of water per minute
  • 800w heater.
  • +/- 1° Celsius temperature control ensures accuracy you can rely on.

Circulation is the Secret

Unlike conventional cooking, where the heat source cooks from the bottom, sous vide cooking surrounds your food with steady, moist heat. The sous vide circulator heats and circulates the water, ensuring even cooking every time. Food retains its moisture and volume. No more burned edges or dry, overcooked meals.

Safety First

Your sous vide circulator also includes a safety-grip handle and a shut off mechanism that activates when the water level drops below the optimum level.

Quick & Easy Cleanup

Because your sous vide immersion

circulator is only in contact with water, clean-up is minimal. Simply

remove the circulator sleeve and wash it in warm, soapy water.