Seal’In Food Storage Vacuum Containers

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The food storage container cupboard can be a nightmare. It’s often full of irregular shaped containers that don’t stack, so you end up with containers that are permanently stuck together, as well as an impossible stack of mismatched lids.

This is one area of the kitchen that could use some help. After all, you use food storage containers all the time. Plus, it would be great if the food you put in the containers stayed fresher longer.

The Kitchen Gizmo Seal’In Nestable Food Storage Vacuum Containers are a smart solution to your food storage needs. They stack efficiently and their innovative vacuum seal keeps your food fresh.

These food storage containers and lids stack on top each other, as well as within the larger container. And your set of containers comes in 4 handy sizes. Use the small container for a few leftover lemon wedges and the largest one for a large batch of soup.

Not only do these containers stack efficiently, they also keep your food fresh, saving you money from spoiled food. Each container has a vacuum seal that locks in freshness. But that’s not all.

When food is stored, the air in the container decreases the food’s freshness. By removing the air, the food lasts longer. The Kitchen Gizmo storage containers include an innovative system for removing the air and prolonging the freshness of your food.

Each container set comes with a small pump to remove excess air from the container. Simply place the pump over the silicone valve in the lid, withdraw the air to keep your food fresh.

The containers are also made of safe BPA-free polycarbonate and are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Kitchen Gizmo Seal’In Nestable Food Storage Vacuum Containers are the solution to all your food storage needs.

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