Unbreakable Wine Tumblers

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Sometimes you just need a down-to- earth wine glass. The kind you can rest on the

arm of couch while you binge-watch movies on Friday night. It’s the glass that feels

comfortable in your hand and solid when you put it down. And it’s the glass that

brings out the full flavor of your favorite merlot.

Round out your home bar with wine tumblers that are as comfortable as they are


The 4-count Kitchen Gizmo Unbreakable Wine Tumblers are your perfect kick-back-

and-relax wine glasses. The tumbler’s shape allows your wine to breathe, while

capturing the aromas you love. The glasses are also shatterproof and will not crack,

nick or warp. They’re made of FDA-approved, BPA- free 100% Tritan material,

making them tough and safe. And they’re beautiful. A hammered finish around the

base of the glasses adds an elegant touch and feels great in your hand.

And the glasses are easy to clean. Simply place them on the top rack of the

dishwasher or wash them by hand in warm, soapy water.


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