Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

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Salt and pepper shakers are essential kitchen tools. You use them both in the kitchen and on the table for most meals. Yet they often don’t work well. Moisture from cooking tends to clog the salt and pepper, stopping their flow. And they’re difficult to refill, with either a crusty screw-off top or plug in the bottom of the shaker.

There’s a solution to all the salt and pepper shakers that don’t work.

The Kitchen Gizmo Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is a sleek, smart way to use salt and pepper for every meal. The 3-piece set includes a magnetic base and the 2 shakers. Simply put the shakers on the base and they close, keeping your salt and pepper fresh and moisture-free. Take them off the base and they open, ready to use. And when your salt and pepper gets low, a viewing window lets you know it’s time for a refill. And refilling your shakers is easy. Just remove the top, fill the shakers and you’re ready to use all the salt and pepper you need.

These contemporary shakers also have a polished finish and minimalist design, making them an attractive addition to both the kitchen and dining table.


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