Lemon Spritzer

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A little lemon adds a nice citrus kick to your food. But you generally have to squeeze it on. And that makes a huge mess, especially on your hands. You can always pour the juice on your food. But it’s difficult to control the amount. You often end up with too much and a pool of juice at the bottom of your plate.

There’s a better way to add lemon juice to your favorite foods and drinks.

The Kitchen Gizmo Lemon Spritzer allows you to control the amount of juice you want on your food. You simply place a cut lemon on the spritzer’s reamer, twist, and the juice flows straight into the spritzer container. Attach the base, flip it over and you’re ready to add a fine mist of lemon to your broiled fish or fresh salad. Maybe you’d like to give your margarita a boost. Add a spritz of lemon and enjoy.

And if you’ve got some extra lemons, you can squeeze them into the spritzer too. When you’re done, pop the spritzer and juice in the fridge to use later.

When you’re ready to clean your spritzer, just unscrew the base and wash everything in warm, soapy water.


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