Wine Decanter, Aerator, and Glass Set

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You know wine, and you value the complex flavors it offers. You also know that some wines require extra care to bring out their full flavor. That’s where your wine decanter and aerator come in. A high-quality wine decanter and aerator will give your young and aged wines the room they need to breathe.

So, if you’ve been saving that special bottle of red wine, keeping it at the perfect temperature and looking for an excuse to open it, you need a decanter that not only aerates your wine efficiently, but is also an elegant addition to your wine table.

The Kitchen Gizmo Wine Decanter takes care of your most robust and delicate wines. This 3-piece set includes a contemporary, hand-blown decanter made of borosilicate glass. The scratch-resistant glass will keep your decanter looking beautiful and will not absorb odors (that can alter the wine’s flavor). The decanter’s wide base also allows maximum oxygen exposure during aeration. Your decanter includes an efficient aerator that allows you to enjoy your wine sooner. It also comes with a wine glass that can be used to cover the decanter. Additionally, the wine glass is double-walled to keep your wine at an optimal temperature.

And cleaning your decanter is easy, as all three pieces are dishwasher safe.

So, if you’re new to aerating your wine or a seasoned pro, the Kitchen Gizmo Wine Decanter is your perfect wine accessory.


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