Cherry Pitter

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Some kitchen tasks are deal-breakers. Like pitting cherries. And if you need to pit cherries, say, for a homemade pie, you generally need to do a lot!

The kitchen Gizmo Cherry Pitter is the answer to the impossible task of pitting cherries. Its practical design allows you to remove cherry pits in one smooth action. Simply load the feed tray with cherries and start pitting.

The cherry pitter’s innovative design gets pitting done quickly and easily. Once a cherry is pitted, it rolls off the machine and the next cherry falls into place, ready to pit. You’ll have all the pitted cherries you need for a pie in just minutes.

Also, thanks to the pitter’s sharp, cross-shaped blade design, the pitter removes the pits instantly with minimal damage to the fruit.

And when you’re done pitting your cherries, simply disassemble the cherry pitter and place everything on the top rack of the dishwasher.

If you want more homemade cherry pies, jam or bowls of cherries in your life, then the Kitchen Gizmo Cherry Pitter is your perfect kitchen tool.


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