Auto-Measure Sugar Dispenser

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It’s early, and you need some sugar for your coffee. But somewhere between the sugar bowl and your cup, you hit a bump and sugar goes everywhere.

The Kitchen Gizmo Sugar Dispenser makes measuring your sugar easy (and fun). With a simple “flip,” you can get a perfect half-teaspoon of sugar right where you need it — no mess.

This brilliant sugar dispenser pours easily with no buttons, levers, spoons or lids to get in the way. Simply flip the dispenser for a half-teaspoon of sugar. And if you need a larger amount of sugar, flip it and gently shake from side to side for a continuous flow of sugar.

Your sugar dispenser is also made of high-quality durable glass that allows you see how much sugar is left in the dispenser. And when it’s time to refill it, simply twist off the top, refill the bowl and replace the lid. You’ll find the top easy to remove due to its smooth turning action.

In addition to its practical and innovative design, the sugar dispenser is an attractive kitchen accessory. The streamlined, sleek design with its glossy white top, satin-finished steel band and clear glass bowl makes it a beautiful addition to any decor.

When it comes time to clean your sugar dispenser, simply remove the top and place everything on the top rack of the dishwasher. Before you refill your dispenser, make sure it is completely dry to ensure a steady flow of sugar.

The Kitchen Gizmo Sugar Dispenser will make measuring your sugar a snap. No more sugar spills on the counter.

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    Cute product. Great gift

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