All Purpose Grater

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Grating cheese is a messy business. If you use a traditional grater, cheese goes everywhere. And you run the risk of grating your fingertips as well.

The Kitchen Gizmo All-Purpose Grater makes grating cheese, chocolate and nuts clean, easy and fun. The innovative design allows you to grate foods with a simple squeeze of the handle. It also works perfectly for both left- and right-handed users.

To use the grater, simply choose the fine or coarse grater plate, load the hopper with the food you want to grate and start squeezing the grater handle.

This grater is also perfect to use on the table. If you have guests over, they can grate their own cheese over a salad or pasta. No one’s hands come in contact the cheese.

And when you’re done grating, release the grater blades and place everything on the top rack of the dishwasher.

The Kitchen Gizmo All-Purpose Grater is your answer to grating cheese and more. No more mess and your fingertips will thank you.


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