5 Best Kitchenware Gifts

Simple Thoughtful Ideas For Any Occasion

ideasAre you eating a holiday meal at a family member’s home, or just want to give something nice to a friend, and don’t know what to get them? A kitchenware item may just be the perfect idea.

The great thing about kitchenware, is that everyone has a kitchen, and everyone uses it. That translates into people wanting to make their kitchen experience more pleasant. When you give someone a new useful piece of kitchenware, you’re not only giving them a nice gift, you’re also helping to create a better kitchen atmosphere for them.

Take a look at these 5 great kitchenware items that would make the perfect gift, regardless of the reason you want to give them. Whether it’s friend or family, these gifts will certainly be appreciated.

1) Salt and Pepper Shakers

71hujl0u46l-_sl1500_1A classic gift, no home should be without a set of these. A set of salt and pepper shakers are not only practical for adding flavor to your food, they can add an air of class to the table, especially if you’re buying a nicer set. While it may be easy to pick up any salt and pepper set with the plethora of styles on the market, perhaps consider buying something in the $15-25 range. The metal look or trim has always been popular, and you could even try something with an additional feature like a magnetic base which prevents spilling and maintains freshness of the contents.

2) Pitcher

pitcherAnother idea that any meal could use. Pitchers can be used for juices, iced teas, cocktails and of course classic water. With materials ranging from glass and plastic, to metal and ceramic, make sure you get a pitcher which has a heavier base to avoid it tipping over. When thinking of design, think out of the box, but not too far, as you still want the pitcher to be practical. If you buy a ceramic pitcher, a floral design can be really nice. If you’re buying a classic glass or crystal pitcher, look for a ribbed exterior or square shaped piece.

3) Single Serve Coffee Maker

coffee-makerOver 80% of American adults consume coffee. In other words, coffee drinking is a trend that’s not going anywhere soon. With the coffee bean, coffee maker and coffee accessory industries being huge, it is a big part of people’s lives. Think about giving your friend or family member a single serve coffee maker. They get you the coffee you want to drink quicker, and they’re much easier to maintain. If someone is living on their own, or even if it’s a new couple starting their home together, a small coffee maker can make a huge impact.

4) Food Chopper

61jfrr4ljyl-_sl1500_Great for grinding up for vegetables or nuts, a good quality food chopper is the perfect gift for anyone. It makes food prep easier for everyone, and if you spend more than $10-15, they’re usually a breeze to operate. Because they’re primarily used for vegetables, nuts or herbs, they’re quite simple to clean as well.

5) Oven Mitts  

oven-mittsWith every kitchen having an oven, oven mitts have become a standard in every kitchen. Newer styles of oven mitts usually have a silicone interior and are either not wrapped in any material, or have a thick cotton outer shell. With a cotton outside, you can easily find a beautiful floral design or sleek parallel lined pattern in a vast array of colors. Even when buying the plainer silicone models, you can still find nice ones in large range of colors, shapes and designs.


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2 thoughts on “5 Best Kitchenware Gifts”

  1. I appreciate the tips on what are the best kitchenware gifts. I agree that kitchenware is a great gift all around, everyone uses this stuff and it can make cooking at home a lot easier. I have been having a hard time figuring out what to get my wife for Christmas, this really help a lot.

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